Startup Stories - Part II

Hiring Talent as a Seed or Series A Funded Startup

This is part II of our three-part Startup Stories series covering the journey of Series A companies who’ve retained us to help them build their business with a strategic hire.

Last week, we covered how we helped a 40-person Series A funded B2B SaaS company hire a Product Management Leader after three unsuccessful months of trying to go it alone.

Story II:

  • We were retained by a 20-person B2B SaaS company who had raised their Series A weeks before.
  • We were hired to lead a Senior Product Manager search. 
  • The goal of this hire was to champion the roadmap of their integration (API) strategy.
  • The company had a high-profile US-based Founder, while product was being led from Canada so there was flexibility to hire anywhere across North America.
  • The client chose to retain us to ensure the search would be done right and quickly. 
  • We completed the search in 33 business days.
  • The candidate we placed had:
    • Relevant experience, launching a product in a market similar to our client's. 
    • Worked for startups earlier in their career and had thrived in the fast-paced environment.
    • Successfully developed net-new experiences which required ideation, deep discovery and validation of hypothesis.

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