Why You Need a Constant Thirst for New Knowledge

Successful people tend to always want to continue learning. It's likely part of what makes them successful in the first place. Entrepreneurial people in general and many highly successful people have an innate desire for an endless supply of information. They want to learn and discover new and different things to feed their curiosity.

Just Because You’re Considered An Expert In Your Field, Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need To Learn Anything More

It's incredibly arrogant for someone who is an expert at something to think that they don’t need to learn (or can’t be taught) anything more. We can always learn something new, and often, if we are open to it, we can learn something new from the most unlikely sources.

Sometimes it's also good to unlearn something. Tests have been done with groups of adults and groups of children where a common, every day task is presented to each group but is switched up somehow, like putting a doorknob on the same side as the hinge of a swing door. The adults will try turning the knob and pushing the door once or twice and give up, whereas the group of children will continue to fiddle around with the doorknob and the door in general and eventually find that the door swings open when they push the opposite side.

Education Comes From So Many Different Things, Not Just Formal Training/Schooling

Getting a formal education is a very important and valuable thing, but getting a degree doesn’t necessarily always equate to being able to do a job. Nor does the lack of having a formal education equate to someone being unable to do a great job. Common sense, negotiation skills, sales ability, and general business savvy are just a few of the traits of successful business people that come from more than a formal education.

Find Opportunities To Learn New Things

Learning should be seen as something exciting. Living a life full of wonder and a thirst for knowledge keeps you young. In fact, learning and challenging yourself through puzzles, crosswords and brainteasers, etc. has been shown in studies to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And You’ll Be Amazed At What You Learn

You would really have to go through life with blinders on in order to stop yourself from learning.  We have opportunities to learn new things in just about everything we do and from everyone we meet each and every day. To shut yourself off from that and just want to stay in your comfort zone is to stifle your growth and limit your life. When you learn, you live a greater life.

Learning New Things Will Only Make You More Successful

Being open to learning new things will make you more successful, regardless of what job you have. If you manage people, then carrying this philosophy forward one step further into realizing that not only are you in your job to help teach and mentor your staff, but that you are also able to learn a considerable amount from them as well; then you are among the elite of excellent managers. It takes the strongest leader possible to know that they can learn from everyone around them and it will ultimately lead to greater success.

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