Clearfit is the leader in performance insights that helps thousands of companies build stronger teams with their patent performance insights engine. They’re well versed with the understanding that a productive organization needs a fusion of the right people in the right roles.

Jamie Schneiderman, CEO Clearfit, knew that with the business rapidly scaling, it was a critical juncture in their operations to bring on board a high-performing VP of Sales – and it had to be just right.

Martyn came in highly recommended from a number of people as an initial starting point and the conversation extended well beyond the “yes, I can get it done.” Martyn and his team understood and were able to demonstrate the nuances of what Jamie was looking for and instilled a great deal of confidence that they could get them in the right place in a short period of time.

As the process unfolded, Martyn started uncovering more about Jamie’s vision and what building blocks were needed to complete his long-term blueprint. He would bring in high-quality candidates so both sides were continually gaining a clearer perspective on what the perfect cultural fit would entail.

Martyn’s ability to bring talent to you is a benefit in and of itself, but what truly impressed me is his understanding of what you need and what you don’t need and having the conversation about it. I looked at Martyn as more than the guy bringing talent to me – I looked to him for advice throughout the process.

– Jamie Schneiderman, CEO, Clearfit.

Martyn got to work in the granular with the, “why this person, why not this person, how do we want to think about people, what are the trade-offs as it relates to compensation versus quality of individual?” He understood what Jamie and his team were trying to do, the pressures that are associated with implementing that vision and how to bridge that gap with sourcing talented players.

“Martyn played a role throughout the entire process, all the way through closure – which I thought was extremely valuable.”

The new VP hit the ground running. He was already a perfect fit within the fabrics of the organization, had the experience and skill set to showcase his value and moved the needle immediately by helping building out the team.

“I’m thrilled with this hire. Life or death may be a bit harsh, but sometimes it feels that way, because it was a critical, critical hire. We absolutely had to get it right and I feel like we have. More so than just getting the job done – Martyn was a pleasure to work with.”

Martyn and his firm are awesome at hiring salespeople and sales leaders. He pretty much staffed up our entire sales team at Eloqua.

We benchmarked him against the best, even local recruiting firms and we found that Martyn could bring on better people, with less yield loss, from Toronto.

Mark Organ
CEO, Influitive

You can spend weeks, even months, in search of the right candidate. Or you can work with someone that knows where to look and save yourself the headache. I gave Martyn Bassett a job description and watched him repeatedly deliver on that from within the sales talent pool.

Keith Nealon
CEO, Vyze

Innovation is the key to success, which is why I trusted Martyn to build the product management team that’s pioneering our next generation of software. These were strategic, technical roles and – as usual – Martyn’s team delivered nothing less than the ideal candidate.

John McAuliffe
President, Leonardo

We drew up a very specific wishlist for our Business Development Executive – which included experience in managed and professional services, consistent over-performance and experience as a consultant – before we retained Martyn. We had no guarantee that candidate was on the market but Martyn’s team produced several that ticked all the boxes and one that exceeded our expectations.

Steven Graham
Managing Director, Computer Aid

Martyn has access to a seemingly limitless number of talented sales leaders and he is sure to understand business needs and present only fully vetted candidates. I wholly recommend him for anyone – candidate or hiring manager – looking to find the right home for talented sales leaders.

Chris French
VP Enterprise – Eastern Region, Globoforce

Having gone through interviews and job negotiations many times on my own before, I have to say that being presented by a recruiter this time made the process so much smoother. I’m sure that myself and my employer are both happier with the outcome as a result of working with Martyn Bassett Associates through the process.

Eric Bradnam
Solutions Architect – Channel Sales, Dundas Data Visualization

Martyn’s ability to bring talent to you is a benefit in and of itself, but what truly impressed me is his understanding of what you need and what you don’t need and having the conversation about it.

I looked at Martyn as more than the guy bringing talent to me – I looked to him for advice throughout the process.

Jamie Schneiderman
CEO, Clearfit

A company is only as successful as its talented people, which is why we turned to Martyn to find us the right people, for the right roles, at critical points in Leonardo’s growth.

Having top talent in place has helped the company’s transformation from a small media production company to a digital technology company serving the global hospitality industry. The quality of talent that Martyn has brought us is unmatched.

Paolo Boni
CEO, Leonardo

It’s a tricky thing to find the right people based in Toronto who can go and sell to distant markets and how to sell in a SaaS world with the right language skills – you can imagine it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and Martyn came up with great candidates that we used to fill a number of roles.

Greg Durand
VP, Global Sales, Cority

The entire Martyn Bassett team was easy to work with and we were able to quickly develop an open and transparent partnership.

Leveraging their strong expertise and extensive talent network, they helped us find the technology sales leaders and management services experts we needed. 

Erin McLean
SVP, Marketing & Human Resources