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Bring People on Board Who Will Fuel Your Company’s Success

Access to a pool of talented candidates, knowledge of salaries and market conditions, and the ability to sell your opportunity to top performers. We bring all of that and more to every search we conduct.

Product Management

What Makes Us Different

We specialize in attracting top-tier sales, marketing, product management, customer success, and engineering leaders for technology startups and scale-ups. Our unique market position allows us to be truly immersed in the North American talent ecosystem that drives exponential growth for our client organizations. We create deep, lasting partnerships with our clients and consistently deliver clear ROI.

The best talent in your field isn’t cruising job boards or submitting applications on LinkedIn

—they are delivering exceptional results for their current employers. Our recruiters are skilled at marketing your opportunity and getting the attention of these rockstar candidates.

We are diligent about qualifying candidates before presenting them to you. We aren’t a resume shop or a generalized staffing agency—we won’t flood you with unqualified candidates and then disappear. Instead, you can count on us to be targeted, consultative, and supportive throughout the hiring process. Retained relationships with our clients allow us to focus the resources required to scour the market, attract the very best, and consult with you through the interview, offer, negotiation, and acceptance.

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Our Recruiting Process 


Before We Start

We’re selective about the types of roles we work on, and the types of clients we partner with. We specialize in helping early-stage, high-growth technology companies build their teams, with a focus on roles in Product, Sales, and Marketing. Our niche focus allows us to provide maximum value to our clients.

We take the time to understand your business and your needs up front, and will offer insight into the current state of the market for the kind of talent you need. 


Kicking Off your Recruiting Project

We start with a deep dive into your requirements for the role. You’ll chat with the lead recruiter on your project so that they fully understand the profile of your ideal candidate, including their level of experience, the results they’ve achieved in previous roles, and the salary range you’re targeting.

Your dedicated recruiter will craft a compelling message about the opportunity, and then hit the market. On average, they will reach out to over 100 candidates per role. While we do post ads on our website and on LinkedIn, more than 90% of our prospective candidate pool comes from proactive outreach to passive candidates—the rockstars who are achieving exceptional results for their current employers.

The candidates we hear back from go through a pre-qualification process, which answers the following questions: How well does their experience align with the requirements for your role? Are they really open to new opportunities, or are they just looking to network and learn more about the market? Are there any factors in play that would prohibit them from interviewing and accepting a position with you?

From there, we invite the pre-qualified candidates to share their resume, and do an in-depth qualification interview with the senior recruiter on your role. The recruiter will eliminate anyone who doesn’t fit within the defined candidate profile. They then write up a brief list of bullet points that highlight what the candidate has achieved, and why we feel that they are worth your time. 


Support Throughout

We help to facilitate scheduling interviews, and offer feedback throughout the process. When you’re ready to extend an offer to the candidate you’re excited to bring on board, we work with you and the candidate to facilitate negotiating the offer.

Once the offer is accepted, we coach your new employee on handling the resignation process, as well as prep them for the best way to handle a counter offer, so that they’re ready and excited for their first day working with you.

Each project is customized to meet your needs, and you may see more/fewer candidates as a result. Our goal is always to help you overcome your recruiting challenges, screen out candidates who don’t fit your profile, and bring the calibre of talent you need on board. We’ll be in close contact throughout the process, so that you always know what to expect, and when you can expect it.

By the Numbers/Timeline





Reduce Your Time and Resources Spent on Hiring

You want to build a top-performing team but lack the time and resources to do it right. You can spend hours and hours interviewing candidates and still come up short. Let us take on the time-consuming tasks for you and we’ll present an average of 7 top-tier candidates, which means less of your time is spent in interviews.

Technology Industry and Recruiting Expertise

We spend 250+ hours each week connected to our niche, have published 100+ thought-leadership resources, and fostered a loyal client-base that routinely retains our recruiting services.

Find The Superstars to take tech company to the top

When hiring our first CPO, we were looking to branch out beyond our network. The Martyn Bassett Associates team was able to source candidates that we were wanting, but unable to get on our own. We were presented with a wide range of fantastic candidates.

Robert Chen
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Almi

What I love about working with this team is they’re there to help. I have weird requests, they jump on the phone and we figure it out. I need someone in a hurry, they hustle. I maybe need someone ages from now, they keep an eye out. I have a question about a salary, or am unsure about how to approach something – they know. We’ve used them for a few years, and we’ve had nothing but great experience working together. Wish I had found them a few years sooner.

Alan Smith
Co-Founder/CEO, Strategyzer

We were impressed with both the speed and the high-calibre of candidates we had to choose from. Martyn Bassett Associates really listen to what you’re looking for and the entire process is very smooth and stress-free.

Roger Barlow
CEO & Co-Founder, Diversys

The entire Martyn Bassett team was easy to work with and we were able to quickly develop an open and transparent partnership. Leveraging their strong expertise and extensive talent network, they helped us find the technology sales leaders and management services experts we needed.

Erin McLean
SVP, Marketing & Human Resources, Herjavec Group

A true value-adding partner in identifying talent. The team at Martyn Bassett Associates were quick to zero-in on our requirements and rigorous in pre-qualifying candidates for consideration. They are focused and fast! Their expertise and experience added value throughout the process and resulted in an outstanding final outcome for Roadpost. This is a team that will strive to exceed expectations.

Kim Layne
VP Marketing, Roadpost

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