Don’t “Wing It” With Your Product Management Recruitment.
Get The Right Talent on Your Team.


“Winging it” is something you cannot afford do with your product, or when hiring a Product Management Leader.

Product Managers and leaders are hybrid positions that requires both technical and business skills of blue sky thinking and product strategy—while mastering the little decisions that bind the project together.

Product Management can be a rollercoaster ride and not everyone is mentally equipped to stay the course. Hiring for this position has proven to be an even greater challenge—you won’t be able to cast a generic net out and find your perfect candidate.

Partnering with a product management recruitment agency, who is in tune with market demands and has their finger the pulse of the tech industry, can connect you to a top-tier Senior Product Manager who will hit the ground running.

We’ve developed a strong understanding of the skills and qualities that successful Product Managers possess, and leverage our powerful connections to place talent that successfully drives product vision for technology companies of all sizes.

Don’t put your product—or your company—at risk of failing. We can help you recruit a true visionary product manager to put a product plan in place for the long-term, and see it through all stages of development.

Let’s book a brief phone call to talk about your:

  • Product goals and how to achieve them with strategic hires
  • Roadblocks to moving your product plans forward
  • Industry insights into market competition and compensation

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Top companies we’ve worked with

Vidyard Full

Martyn Bassett Associates truly understands product and product management recruiting. We were able to partner with them to help us build a world-class team."

Michael G. Cohen
Chief Product Officer