Martyn Bassett Associates provides executive recruitment services to help you find the specific product candidates needed to achieve your growth goals. Our practice product, established in 2016, has grown into our largest practice area and we’ve found candidates all over the world for our clients.

  • Access to highly specialized product talent
  • Knowledge of current salaries and market conditions
  • The ability to sell your opportunity to top performers

We bring all of that and more to every product search we conduct.

Untouched Track Record in Retained Recruitment

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startup & scale-up clients
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Top companies we’ve worked with

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Why Martyn Bassett Associates?

  1. Industry Expertise: we specialize in hiring for early to mid-stage tech startups and have a deep understanding of the market, the trends, and the key players.
  2. Network: we spend a tremendous amount of time cultivating relationships within each of our practice areas and are dialed into that community. We can identify and attract top talent who are often not actively seeking new opportunities.
  3. Accuracy: we focus on alignment to the candidate personas needed for the company’s growth outcome through comprehensive candidate evaluation and facilitation of reference checks, as needed.
  4. Speed: we streamline an often lengthy process by applying a quality over quantity approach - saving time by managing the entire recruitment process, from identifying candidates to negotiating offers.
  5. Confidentiality: we maintain confidentiality throughout the hiring process, ensuring that the company's plans and information are protected.
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Martyn Bassett Associates truly understands product and product management recruiting. We were able to partner with them to help us build a world-class team.

Michael G. Cohen
Chief Product Officer