Qualified Doesn’t Cut It — Startups Need the Top 1% of Software Sales Leaders

Cutting-edge tech companies recognize that hiring a quota-busting sales team is a crucial piece when scaling the business. Simply hiring “qualified sales leader candidates” aren’t going to help achieve that hockey stick growth all startups are after.

Building and retaining a team of elite sales professionals who know how to sell software—and have the track record to prove it—isn’t an easy task. The rockstars you really want aren’t actively looking for jobs.

Our executive sales recruitment firm has been placing high performing sales talent for over 20 years and can help your organization find and land the true software sales superstars who will generate revenue, grow your customer base, and drive tremendous value.

We are true market masters at placing top tier sales talent with innovative software companies.

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Top companies we’ve worked with

Paramount Commerce

We are very happy with the process and results of Martyn Bassett Associates. This hire continues to be one of our strongest leaders, leading his team to 200% in their first year."

Dan Bloch
VP of Global Cloud Solution Sales