Backend Engineer (x2)

Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto, Canada



Our client is helping companies optimize their television advertising campaigns using a variety of metrics for a fraction of the cost. Their dashboard includes CPM, CPV (cost per visitor), CPI (cost per install), CPA (cost per acquisition), response rate, brand amplifier, conversion rate, and many more.

They work directly with networks and broadcasters to buy TV spots and guide their clients through the entire process, from creative development and media-buying to performance analysis and optimization.


Work directly with Tatari's clients to help get data flowing in all directions

Use your expertise to understand clients' data requirements and provide guidance for the best course of action.

Coordinate with clients to implement standard and custom data integrations

Build Tatari's data pipeline to scale with the ever-growing amounts of data and new measurement features

Create and manage ways to deliver data from Tatari's system to clients (via APIs, reports, etc.)

Identify short-term and long-term data issues that need to be addressed on Tatari's roadmap.

Experience & Expertise

Great communication skills—this role may require daily client interaction, and you need to be comfortable holding meetings with clients

Demonstrated ability to translate complex "engineering language" into layman's terms when necessary.

Ability to multitask and prioritize all clients' needs (sometimes clients need to be onboard within 24 hours).

3+ years experience as a software engineer

2+ years working with data systems, including:

Relational databases (we use PostgreSQL) AWS (S3, Redshift, API Gateway, Cloudfront) Streaming data pipelines (Kafka, Storm, etc)

Experience with the following is a plus:

Python PostgreSQL Frontend development (Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.)


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