Does opportunity trump salary?

More often than not, a job seeker will perceive opportunity as more important than salary; unless there is such a colossal difference that the salary is just too good to pass up. What most people will recognize is that the salary can be nice in the short term but long term, the right opportunity will invariably have a far more significant impact on your future than a bit of higher starting salary now.

What Job Seekers Really Value Today

Job seekers today value the overall work environment and level of experience that they will garner as being the most important criteria of taking on a new job. People want to be part of a team and be recognized and supported by that team. If they are going to take a job where they are expected to be loyal and passionate about what they do; then the company and its senior management team should share that passion and loyalty toward their employees. Many of the tech giants can be credited with having made a tremendous impact on how companies also show their employees their appreciation through the physical environment of their workspace, such as Google mixing work and play and providing an extensive benefits package.

What Are The Top Non-Financial Benefits That Job Seekers Are Considering?

Job seekers are seeking those benefits that go beyond the traditional when they are considering which company they want to work for. Among the most important are mentorship, a fun and positive environment, a supportive team and the ability to grow and succeed with the company.

Tips For Evaluating A Job Opportunity

There are a number of ways that a job seeker can evaluate an opportunity that they are presented with.  For starters, how has the interview process been going? Do the people that you have met with seem legitimately happy with their job?  Is there any sign of high turnover? How much autonomy will you have? And, how much support will you have?

Tips For Selling A Job Opportunity

Businesses must ensure that they are keeping as fresh as possible to attract great talent and get them to sign on. Selling the growth of the company and where that growth can take the employee will go a very long way to winning over a potential hire. Show them how important it is for them to be successful in their job and that they will receive all necessary tools to do so.

How well are you marketing your opportunity? Don’t miss out with top candidates – here’s how to secure the talent you really want.