Gearing up for Hiring

There is never a 'bad time of year' to decide to hire; it’s all about the use case and urgency for the business. That said, January is typically a pivotal time for tech startups as they evaluate the upcoming year and determine whether their teams and new initiatives require additional support to accomplish their goals.

For this reason, we thought it was time to reintroduce our firm and the reasons why leaders like you choose to engage us for their strategic hires.

These are the problems we solve for our clients who struggle to hire:

1) You just raised money, and it's go-time.

It's time to build the teams who will build your business, and the hire needs to “be in the seat yesterday.” Only issue? The resources for searching, reviewing profiles, scheduling interviews, and researching market compensation aren’t readily available.

2) You're meeting plenty of great candidates who align culturally but have never done the job you need them to do for you.

Their ramp-up time will be too long, putting a significant risk on your business. You need someone who is experienced in doing the job today.

3) You are a first-time leader and have never hired someone at the level you now need.

Often, first-time Founders struggle to attract C-suite leaders and need a champion to go into the market and tell their story to drive awareness and interest.

4) The problem your business solves is so specific to an industry that you require subject matter expertise that will only come from that industry or your competitors.

You need someone to target a particular set of employers on your behalf and bring back insights and the candidates for you to meet.

5) You've been trying to hire, and it's not working.

You don't understand why. Offers are being declined. Candidates are ghosting you. Salaries seem higher than you think they should be. You have lots of online applicants, but none you would hire. It's taking too long; you are frustrated and need someone to take over this headache and deliver success for you.

6) You're starting an international expansion and need local talent in specific markets.

They need to be fluent in the language, understand the market and GTM specific to their region, and have a rolodex.

7) Your business is scaling, and your time can no longer be spent in the weeds of the business.

You need to be presented with solutions and options from an expert.

All of these are hiring situations our clients have faced this past year. With our partnership, we helped them refocus their search and delivered candidates who they were excited to meet and whose profiles matched what was required for success in the role.

If you find yourself in any of these situations - we can help! We will get you to a quality hire fast.