Marketing Resume 101

As a marketing leader, you know how important it is to continually market your product to your ICPs. The same goes for you and potential career opportunities by having an up-to-date and targeted resume. 

If you haven't reworked your resume in a while it can be difficult to remember where to start. While many of the principles remain the same there are some new changes you should be aware of. 

Here is our guide to getting your marketing resume in order: 

Marketing Resume Guide

Extra Tips:

  • Check and double-check spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Limit to two pages of size 11-12 font
  • Eliminate any irregular formatting, shading and/or images
  • The final file should be saved as a Word doc or PDF
  • The final file should be titled First Name Last Name Resume unless otherwise specified 
  • Remember, the goal of a resume is just to get an interview

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