Roadblocks to Hiring - Introduction

A company's success story often involves a Founder who overcame significant roadblocks to achieve remarkable success. This is the stuff of legends, books, and lately a number of Netflix and AppleTV series.

This week we kick off a new series for Founders and CEOs called Roadblocks to Hiring. Throughout this series, we'll explore the three most common hiring assumptions that become roadblocks when hiring an executive leadership team. Those assumptions are:

  • Everyone wants to work here

  • We need to hire a brand name

  • We need someone to "get sh*t done"

The executive leadership team of a tech startup plays a crucial role in all areas of a business, from setting the company's strategic direction to making key decisions and driving growth. Here are a few reasons why the executive leadership team is so important:

Setting the vision and strategy

The executive leadership team is responsible for setting the company's vision and long-term strategy. They must be able to assess market trends and customer needs to determine the best direction for the company.

Making key decisions

The executive leadership team is responsible for making key decisions, such as which products to develop, which markets to enter, and how to allocate resources. These decisions can significantly impact the company's success or failure.

Attracting investors

The executive leadership team is a key element when attracting investors. Investors want to see a strong leadership team with a track record of success and the ability to execute the vision.

Building the team

The executive leadership team is responsible for hiring and building the teams who execute the company's strategy. They must attract top talent and create a culture that motivates and retains employees.

Managing risk

The executive leadership team must be able to manage risk effectively. They must be able to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Overall, the executive leadership team is critical to the success of a tech startup. Without a strong executive leadership team, a tech startup is unlikely to succeed in today's competitive market, making the hiring process for these roles a do-or-die process.

Tomorrow, we will jump into the first assumption, the “everyone wants to work here” mentality, which often impedes the hiring process.  

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