What Role Does a Recruiter Play?

We asked our team, what other roles does a Recruiter play besides the obvious? Here are their light-hearted answers and the top 8 roles Recruiters play in the journey of a search and a hire.

1) Detective

At the core of the role, a Recruiter is a detective who sets out to source and identify a specific persona of a candidate on behalf of their client.

The skill level required to be this detective depends on how nascent or specific the search criteria is. The skills necessary to become an outstanding detective are relentless curiosity and determination.

2) Counselor

Occasionally a Senior Recruiter must step into the role of a Counselor. This happens when it becomes evident that someone needs help working through a tough time.

This could include a disappointing and stressful job search when someone is unemployed. Or it could consist of a hiring manager under pressure after experiencing rejected offers.

3) Cheerleader

This role typically comes naturally to Recruiters, cheering candidates and sharing in their joy when they advance in a process or are selected for an offer. This is the sunny side of the job!

Cheerleading also applies to our clients who sometimes feel defeated in their hiring efforts, ultimately leading them to engage in our services. We can reassure and encourage them since we've seen similar searches end in successful outcomes.

4) Instructor

A recruiter takes on the role of an instructor when a candidate who has not been active in the market for many years realizes "things have changed since the last time," and they need direction on preparing a resume or their LinkedIn. They may also need more high-touch coaching on interview prep or portfolio preparation.

Clients sometimes need instruction if they are hiring for a role they have never recruited for before. Additionally, clients sometimes need advice and instruction on how to streamline an interview process given the current market conditions.

5) Advocate

The most critical role a Recruiter plays is as an advocate. Recruiters capture the essence of a candidate and curate a narrative that aligns with their client's requirements. We've often heard clients say, "well if you think we should meet them, we will!"

Recruiters also advocate for their clients and stakeholders. They curate the essence of a role and its mission and carry that into the market to candidates who may not otherwise even look their way.

6) Editor

Whether the resume is too long, the LinkedIn profile is not strong enough to drive top-of-funnel engagement, or a candidate needs to better curate their product story into an elevator pitch, we are there to edit and streamline.

7) Comforter

One person gets the job and all other candidates don't. Sometimes a Recruiter needs to be a comforter to those hoping to be 'the one’ but are not. A Recruiter can listen and offer perspective to help a candidate move forward in their search.

8) Executive Assistant

We help book meetings, facilitate introductions and ensure a smooth process from the initial reach out to signing on the dotted line.

As you can see, more than just recruiting goes into being a Recruiter.


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