Salaries for Product Marketing Talent

As Recruiters working with Founders of early-stage tech startups, we spend an extensive amount of time discussing compensation and sharing market insights about the talent our clients need to hire.

Product marketing salaries, much like product management salaries, are all over the place. It varies widely and is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Stage of business
  • Company financials
  • Product and marketing org maturity
  • Reporting structure of the role and the value the stakeholder has for product marketing
  • Complexity of the product
  • Niche of the ICP and complexity of the customer acquisition journey 
Our current market insights provide the following base salary ranges for a Product Marketing Manager with five years of experience working as an individual contributor:
  • B2B SaaS business applications with a direct sales GTM
    $120 - 140K base

  • B2B SaaS SMB applications whose GTM includes a sales team plus a PLG motion
    $115 - 125K base

  • Consumer tech, including iOS/Android mobile apps
    $90 - 125K base
    Tier 1 US consumer brands: $150-280K base

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure and cloud computing solutions 
    $150 - 170K base 
    8+ years of experience: up to $250K base

  • Enterprise-grade security including cybersecurity
    $145 - 180K base
    8+ years of experience: up to $265K base

As you can see from our findings above, several factors influence compensation. 

Factors Influencing Salaries:

Internal Progression

Employees who have progressed internally into a Product Marketing Manager role generally earn more than the average due to the business and subject matter expertise they have going into the role. This knowledge shortens the onboarding and leads to a quicker ROI.

Engineering Background

Product Marketing Managers who have transitioned from an Engineering background tend to earn more, as their past often includes an intermediary step of working as a Sales Engineer (presales). This enables them to earn commissions or bonuses based on deals and is often considered a candidate persona capable of understanding an ICP at a deeper level.


No surprise that west coast salaries are greater for Product Marketers, excluding Western Canada.

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