Salary Insights - Product Design Lead

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Product Design Lead. 

Our client is an early-stage B2C proptech company with ambitious growth goals and the funding to support their next level of growth.

We conducted a targeted search on their behalf, seeking a strategic, tactical, and passionate designer who could establish the function for our client. 

For this hire to be successful, we were seeking those with:

  • Experience working for early stage B2C tech companies
  • Strong design portfolio illustrating their ability to execute on a range of end-to-end design projects 
  • In-depth knowledge of product design I.T. infrastructures, process improvements, and design systems
  • Preference for those with proptech and/or marketplace platform experience

We presented five strong candidates:

The Innovation Teacher - $140k Base 

  • 7+ years of end-to-end innovation focused on product design and development experience 
  • Managed the entire end-to-end design, including; user-research, design strategy, ideation/concepting, prototyping, and the delivery of high-fidelity designs
  • Worked within innovation, brand experience, and growth product design for 5+ years leading end-to-end product design for a major telecoms company
  • UX Design teacher, delivering lectures and mentoring 30+ incoming Designers on all aspects of UX design
  • BA Degree in Cognitive Science

The E-Commerce Wizard - $180k Base + 15% Bonus

  • 6+ years of end-to-end B2C product design experience at high-growth tech companies 
  • Strong user-research experience and was tasked with leading the design and research for the launch of a major global retailer’s new partner site 
  • Design lead for two major projects where they contributed to increasing user engagement and security 
  • Ample experience building and maintaining design systems at the early-stage of development and with established large-scale design systems 
  • BA Degree in Behaviour Science & Post Grad Certificate in Design 

The Marketplace Platform Design Specialist - $140k Base 

  • 10+ years of design experience and over 6+ years of B2C end-to-end product design experience 
  • Redesigned and improved and entire 'Buyer and Seller' customer journey for a major online global e-commerce company where they managed the end-to-end design solutions 
  • Project Design Lead and UI/UX Designer at a creative digital design agency where they managed all end-to-end initiatives in web, native applications, branding and iconography 
  • Led end-to-end design at a major software company for a series of multi-platform web applications that catered to both consumer and professional creative Designers 
  • BA Degree in Design 

The Home-Tech Design Professional - $125k Base + 15% Bonus + RSUs

  • 10+ years of end-to-end design experience leading design for startups within innovation labs, banking, e-commerce, and across design agencies 
  • Managed a team of intermediate Designers, working closely with the Head of Product to establish design priorities and improvements
  • End-to-end UI/UX Product Designer on the mobile team at an insurtech company focused on building/delivering native apps, user-centered experience, prototyping, and user interface design
  • Strong experience managing user-experience, usability testing, user interviews, product rebranding, website redesign, user dashboards, mobile (iOS/Android) app design, and enhanced design process
  • BA Degree in Design

The Hire 

  • 12+ years of product design experience working for early-stage high-growth B2C tech companies
  • Managed end-to-end design for an innovation lab and worked on net-new product launch designs across multiple industries (media, banking, and technology)
  • Successfully implemented key design processes and gained management experience 
  • Strong design portfolio and resume that illustrated their ability to execute on a wide-range of end-to-end design projects
  • BA Degree in Design

To attract and land this candidate, our client offered a $140,000 CAD Base + Options.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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