Paymentech Product Marketing Manager Salaries: Insights

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Product Marketing Manager

Our client is a global paymentech startup whose product processes payments for some of the world's most successful consumer apps.

We conducted a targeted search on their behalf, seeking a strategic, tactical, and passionate Product Marketing Manager who could establish our client's product marketing function. 

For this hire to be successful, we were seeking those with:

  • Experience working for high-growth B2B tech companies
  • Skills in stakeholder management
  • Possessed in-depth knowledge of product marketing best practices

We presented 7 candidates:

The Sales Enablement Sorcerer - $130k Base + 20% Bonus

  • 6 years of work experience and 5 years within product marketing  
  • Responsible for managing customer intelligence & segmentation, market research, marketing strategy, go-to-market, new product launches, sales enablement, and product pricing/packaging strategy
  • Decreased churn by 15% within a brand’s SMB market by guiding and developing pricing and packaging as well as the GTM efforts with marketing, agency partners, and product teams
  • Crafted 10 of the most widely used enablement assets within their organization - leveraged by both the sales and CS teams
  • BBS Degree and MBA

The Content Connoisseur - $115k Base + 20% Bonus

  • 4 years of work experience and 3 years within product marketing  
  • Experience working at larger sized technology companies where they lead the entire product marketing strategy and execution for 4 of the company’s products
  • Focused on content development, sales enablement, competitive intelligence, webinars, decks, trade shows, product releases, market research, post-campaign analysis, and helped to generate a 20% profit increase throughout their 4 product lines 
  • Aligned marketing release plans to the promotion of product releases, resulting in 98% of customers upgrading to new release enhancements
  • BA Degree and MBA 

The Payments Pundit - $130k Base  + 15% Bonus

  • 7 years of work experience and 6 years within product marketing  
  • All of their experience has been for working for fintech or paymentech startups
  • Responsible for new product releases, messaging/positioning, marketing strategy, data analytics, customer intelligence, market research, and sales enablement 
  • Their marketing initiatives helped drive 80% growth in payments volume, and helped the company achieve a total of $1.7B processed volume 
  • BSc Degree and BComm focused on Entrepreneurial Management 

The Marketing Master - $130k Base 

  • 9 years of work experience and 8 years within product marketing  
  • Strong all-in-one strategic and tactical B2B/B2C payments focused marketer who has built out the product marketing function from the ground up
  • Experience with product messaging, sales enablement, content development, and GTM strategy for an entire fintech SaaS product line
  • Successfully brought this product to market and mentored the product marketing team 
  • BA and Marketing Degree

The GTM Genius - $150k Base + 20% Bonus

  • 7 years of work experience and 6 years within product marketing  
  • Experience working for brand name ecommerce, fintech and paymentech brands 
  • Tasked with designing and implementing GTM strategies that established product awareness and drove product adoption of an online eCommerce API payment solution
  • Led the GTM on a new API version, which successfully launched in 2022
  • BA, Comms Degree 

The Positioning Professional - $100k Base + 15% Bonus

  • 7 years of work experience and 5 years within product marketing  
  • Experience working within high-growth fintech and paymentech startups 
  • Strong background in brand marketing management, growth marketing, content development, creative strategy and experience being an early-on product marketer hire helping to establish the function
  • Successfully managed GTM strategies from conceptualization to execution (positioning and messaging definition, launch of multi-channel marketing campaigns and sales training) 
  • BComm Degree

The Hire 

  • 4 years of work experience and 3 years within product marketing  
  • Experience working for innovative high-growth B2B startups
  • Previously led GTM for products and services launches, including; feature improvements, new features, services packages, and integrations 
  • Successfully launched net-new feature releases, translating complex product developments into easy-to-understand platform updates
  • BA Degree

To land this candidate our client offered a $125K base and an annual discretionary performance bonus.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

* * * * *

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