2022 Salary Insights: Senior Product Marketing Manager

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Senior Product Marketing Manager. Our client is a global B2B SaaS startup whose Customer Experience platform provides organizations with the ability to engage, communicate and sell to their target customers, in real time.

Our client was interested in a Senior Product Marketer who had experience launching into net-new markets. It was also important that all candidates had experience marketing a brand with a similar buyer persona. Those with earlier startup experience were heavily favourited as they would be more likely to thrive in an ambiguous and rapidly growing company environment. Our client was interested in US-based candidates with a preference for those located in the Eastern timezone.

We presented 7 candidates:

The Serial Startup-er - $110K Base + Bonus

  • 11 years of employment experience, all of which is marketing related
  • 10 years of Product Marketing experience
  • 4 years of experience marketing to the same buyer persona as our client
  • Startup experience; however, none of the companies had achieved significant scale 
  • Marketing Degree

The Marketing Magician - $110K Base + Bonus 

  • 8 years of employment experience
  • 4 years of experience as a Product Marketer with additional marketing experience across content and demand generation
  • North American scope for new launches
  • A cross-functional marketer with high potential to specialize
  • Business Degree

The Comprehensive Consultant - $160K Base

  • 20 years of employment experience across multiple global brands, leading marketing across product, content, market development and strategy
  • Currently working as a consultant but flexible to consider a return to perm/FT
  • Experience launching companies, products and brands globally as well as working for the industry our client sells to

The Tenured Talent - $135K Base + 30% Bonus + Equity

  • 13 of years employment experience
  • 7 years of Product Marketing experience
  • Identified as "Top Talent" by their employer - making them part of their employer's succession plan for future promotions/opportunities
  • Experience launching new products into new global markets  
  • Bachelor's + MBA

The Designated Diamond - $125K Base + Bonus + Equity

  • 7 years of employment experience
  • 5 years of marketing experience
  • 4 years of Product Marketing experience
  • Experience working for a B2B SaaS company who sells to the same buyer as our client
  • Experience launching net-new products into global markets at rapid scale
  • Bachelor's Degree + MBA + numerous marketing & sales certifications 

The Industrious Intellect - $120K Base + 15% Bonus 

  • 10 years of employment experience
  • 3 years of Product Marketing experience
  • 6 years of experience working in the software industry
  • Experience working as the first Product Marketer for a startup and standing up the function
  • Experience working in the industry which our client sells to
  • Bachelor's Degree

The Hire

  • 10 years of employment experience
  • 8 years of Product Marketing experience
  • 8 years of experience working for a B2B SaaS company
  • 9 years of experience marketing tech products to similar buyer personas as our client
  • Led Product Marketing for a new product line and championed that GTM strategy for the launch of the products and brand
  • Experience mentoring others and contributing to the growth and success of the teams they work with
  • Marketing Degree

Our client offered our candidate $150K USD Base + Bonus + Equity.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

* * * * *

For organizations and job seekers alike, it can be challenging to understand what a particular position should pay. Often, it’s a calculation between salary surveys that lack context, what a person has earned in the past, and ad hoc conversations with others in the field.

These posts are meant to highlight the contextual elements that make up compensation and help our clients and candidates better understand the current market forces that affect earning potential. 

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