Salary Insights - Senior Product Marketing Manager

This venture-backed B2B SaaS startup, with a $100M ARR and 300 employees, had ambitious 2024 plans. To help facilitate this growth, they needed to hire a Senior Product Marketing Manager to lead product marketing for their new product. This role was focused on owning the entire messaging and positioning strategy, as well as all new feature releases.

We conducted a targeted search on their behalf:

The Full-Stack PMM - $135,000 Base + Variable Bonus

  • A full-stack Product Marketing Manager with over 10 years of relevant marketing experience in SaaS 
  • Successfully leveraged key customer data and competitive intelligence to develop cross-selling strategies that improved retention and loyalty rates 
  • Launched new feature releases, managed the go-to-market (GTM), led competitive intelligence, customer adoption, and product education, as well as spearheaded messaging/positioning
  • Developed campaigns that drove awareness and sales and led to an 11% ARR increase
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 

The B2B PMM - $130,000 Base + Variable Bonus + RSUs

  • B2B product marketer with 10+ years of overall marketing experience in tech
  • Over the last 5 years, they gained strong product marketing experience creating messaging and positioning architecture, developing product usage case analysis, and conducting prospect interviews to drive product innovation
  • Led the product marketing strategy for global SaaS products, focusing on cross-selling and leading go-to-market (GTM) for both new and existing customer bases across all channels
  • Drove 30% YoY growth in new bookings for the company’s new product
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 

The Startup PMM - $140,000 Base + Variable Bonus

  • 6+ years of relevant product marketing experience working within various tech companies 
  • Led product marketing at Series A B2B SaaS startup with a similar product to our client
  • Created the GTM strategy and launch framework to streamline weekly releases across 4 product lines and decreased time-to-market by 60%
  • Managed new feature releases, cross-functional go-to-market strategies, market research, customer intelligence, new product launches, use cases/persona building, and collaborated with key internal stakeholders
  • Masters in Communications & Business Strategy 

The Sales PMM - $125,000 Base + Variable Bonus

  • 2+ years of full-stack product marketing experience and over 10 years of sales experience in SaaS 
  • Their unique sales background gave them extensive go-to-market experience from consultative solution selling, relationship management, and sales leadership
  • Successfully led product marketing focusing on adoption, GTM plans and strategy, cross-selling, value messaging and positioning for releases, competitive intelligence, and sales enablement 
  • Background in coaching and mentoring teams 
  • Bachelor of Science & Masters in Communications 

The Hire 

  • Product marketing leader with 4+ years of product marketing and 4+ years of growth marketing experience for various global tech companies 
  • Led the entire product-marketing lifecycle (customer research, persona building, pricing & packaging, go-to-market, new feature releases, sales enablement, adoption, messaging & positioning, and post-launch product marketing reviews)
  • Heavily focused on platform-positioning and cross-selling strategy across an entire suite of products (something our client was very focused on)
  • Previously, for a product similar to our client, they created the entire go-to-market strategy, spearheaded all digital marketing campaigns, led customer adoption campaigns, and created 100+ marketing assets 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 

To attract and land this candidate, our client offered a $135,000 base + variable bonus (up to 30%), and a signing bonus. 

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varied based on the length and scope of experience. Understanding what a particular position should pay can be challenging for organizations and job seekers alike. Often, it’s a calculation based on salary surveys that lack context, a person's past earnings, and ad hoc conversations with others in the field.

These posts highlight the contextual elements that make up compensation and help our clients and candidates better understand the current market forces that affect earning potential. 

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