Senior Proptech Product Manager Salaries: Insights and Trends

Our client is a global B2B SaaS vendor whose suite of applications deliver business value to property management firms and the global REIT industry.

Considered a leader in their product category, they are a champion of a larger transformation taking place in a traditional industry primed for disruption. We were engaged as part of their growth strategy to move the needle closer to the increasing market demands for modern digital experiences.

The search itself was for a Senior Product Manager with experience managing B2B SaaS solutions, had been responsible for tackling tech debt, and had an understanding of how to work with UX teams to deliver easy to use, intuitive experiences to non technical users. API integration experience was a bonus.

We presented 4 candidates, all of whom were interviewed and one was hired:

The Successful SaaSer - $120K Base + 20% Bonus 

  • 10+ year career working for global market leaders who are household names in the world of B2B software
  • PM whose path into product came through business development and partner management roles
  • Experience as a hands-on yet strategic Product Manager, bordering at a Principal level
  • Extensive experience leading partnership integration strategies to deliver scale 

The Pivoting Professional - $140K Base + 20% Bonus 

  • 12+ years of experience, passionate about their craft and an astute student of Marty Cagan
  • Engineering degree before moving into consulting then transitioning into a PM role
  • Employed at a B2B SaaS vendor whose solution is not a competitor to our client but is part of the larger proptech / realtech category and shared a common buyer 
  • Experience undergoing a transformation and dealing with tech debt

The Senior Strategist - $180k USD Base + 20% Bonus + 401K + Equity

  • The most senior of the candidates to be interviewed and the only one with an MBA
  • A career in enterprise software, starting on the client side, working for multiple enterprises, before moving into the vendor side 10 years ago
  • Cross functional experiences in consulting, project management, account management before moving into product management 5 years ago
  • Experience working on technically challenging products at platform level with lots of integration points

The Hire

  • 15 years of product management experience across a number of B2B SaaS categories - some with consumer web and mobile app experiences
  • Path into product management came through engineering before moving into BA roles and eventually product
  • Experience as a Lead within a product team, directing the activities of Product Owners and UX Designers
  • Delivered on a large transformational product at a platform level and has engineering credibility
  • Market facing, great customer skills and loves to be the champion of a customer's problems

To land this candidate our client offered $135K Base + 20% Bonus + RSP. 

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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