Salary Insights - Sr Product Manager

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Senior Product Manager.

We conducted a highly targeted search across North America, focusing on Product Managers considered subject matter experts in renewable energy or sustainability, experience with B2B SaaS, and a track record of successfully delivering outcomes.

Our client interviewed 9 candidates:

The Swiss Army Knife - $120K Base

  • 6 years of employment experience
  • 3 years of product management experience in renewable energy
  • Promoted since joining and was now a Senior Product Manager responsible for both R&D and the product roadmap
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Chemical and Biological Engineering 

The Renewables Subject Matter Expert - $110k Base

  • 8 years of employment experience in renewable energy and considered a subject matter expert
  • 3 years of product management experience
  • End-to-end, full-cycle Product Manager
  • Bachelor of Science Honours, Environmental and Resource Sciences 

The Fast-Track Leader - $155k Base

  • 13 years of employment experience
  • 3 years of product management experience
  • Reported to the CTO and led a team of 9 implementing new systems to better run the product org
  • MBA + Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical & Computer Integrated Manufacturing 

The Compliance Pro - $115K Base 

  • 5 years of employment experience
  • 5 years of product management experience
  • Strategic, market-facing scope, often engaging with pilot customers and having discovery chats to ensure the product was solving needs
  • Bachelors of Computer Science

The EHS Expert - $120K Base

  • 16 years of employment experience
  • 2 years of product management experience
  • Hired as an Implementation Consultant then promoted to a PM; this provided them with industry experience and knowledge that fostered the transition into product
  • Masters in Engineering & Public Policy

The Green Technologies Expert - $120K Base

  • 13 years of employment experience and 10 years in the green energy space
  • 7 years of product management experience
  • Founded a solar consultancy that focused on launching solar equipment to the marketplace and was later acquired
  • Master's Degree in Green Technologies & Electrical Engineering 

The Product Builder - $180K USD Base

  • 11 years of employment experience
  • 5 years of product management experience in solar financing, e-learning, telehealth and mental health, and self-serve support web products
  • Experience owning a complex product end-to-end and leveraging data and insights in product decision-making to create product vision, roadmap, and strategy, as well as implementing product growth and marketing strategies
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & Marketing 

The Sustainability Expert - $120K Base

  • 12 years of employment experience
  • 12 years of sustainability and greentech experience
  • Previously Co-Founded an electric vehicle charging station startup for multi-tenant properties across North America and was a Project Manager for a solar-powered aircraft company 
  • Masters of Science, Physical Geography 

The Hire

  • 16 years of employment experience and 15 years in the sustainable energy sector
  • 3 years of product management experience
  • All of this candidate's experiences were in the industry and product categories relevant to our client's products and considered 'top talent' with a number of progressive promotions
  • Strategic, platform-level product management experience, delivering value to enterprise B2B customers
  • Market-facing product management experience 
  • Industrial Engineering Degree

To attract and land this candidate, our client offered a $160,000 CAD Base + 15% Bonus.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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