Salary Insights - Strategic Services Consultant

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Strategic Services Consultant. Our client is a global leader in cybersecurity services for enterprise organizations. They offer a full suite of security services including assessment and consulting, identity management, technology architecture and implementation, managed security services, and incident response. 

We conducted a targeted search on their behalf, seeking Senior Cyber-security Architects who were Jack/Jill-of-all-trades, taking part in pre-sales architecture activities, virtual CISO assignments, and commoditizing new developments in the cyber security space. They also needed to have an eye on account growth and new sales.

We presented 4 candidates:

The Big4 Expert – CAD $300K base + 25% bonus

  • 18+ years in cybersecurity consulting with the Big4 
  • Primarily focused on architecture and delivery; also helped to grow the practice, build teams, and hunt new clients
  • Their experience had a large overlap with the services and client verticals of our client 
  • STEM background

The Pre-sales Expert – USD $280K on-target earnings

  • 25+ years in cybersecurity and 8 years in a Senior Solutions Specialist role
  • Primarily focused on the pre-sales architecture side dealing with Threat Detection, Incident Response, SIEM and SOAR solutions
  • Hybrid architect and deal closer, bringing in $5M+ annual revenue from North American Healthcare, Finance and Insurance companies 
  • Arts degree + MBA

The Managed Services Expert – USD $210 base + commission 

  • 30+ years in IT and 7 years in pre-sales architecture for managed security services organizations
  • Extensive experience configuring a security product and wrapping managed services and SLA’s around it
  • Specialized in MDR/EDR, SIEM, IAM, and threat intelligence solutions - dealing largely with Fortune500 clientele. Prior experience in internal CISO roles
  • Engineering degree

The Hire 

  • 20+ years in cyber security with a strong focus on architecture and pre-sales activities
  • Worked in vCISO roles with consulting companies and internal CISO roles at large tech companies - this gave our candidate two contrasting perspectives
  • Globally focus (USA, Latin and Southern America) and covered all of client’s industry verticals 
  • Engineering degree


To secure our candidate, our client offered USD 200k base + bonus.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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