Salary Insights - VP Product Management

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for their first VP Product Management. Our client is a global innovation leader,  helping brands reimagine how they deliver value and experiences to their customers.

We conducted a targeted search on their behalf, seeking Product Management leaders who embodied curiosity, demonstrated an aptitude for learning, and who could champion the next-gen of our client's business into a digital-first business of a B2B SaaS platform.

The client interviewed 4 candidates:

The Delightful Designer - $225K Base + 25% Bonus + Options

  • 21 years of employment experience, originally in Design before moving into Product Management 7 years ago
  • Experience included B2B Saas and consumer app experiences for products used by millions of Canadians
  • A strategic thought leader to CEOs who are on the journey to shifting from an engineering led business to a UX led business
  • Lead a team of 16 people across Product, Design and Design Ops
  • Winner of numerous awards for Product Design and Product Experience
  • Bachelor of Science Degree 

The Innovative Intellectual - $180K Base + Bonuses ($275k OTE)

  • 13 years of employment experience, with the last 5 in a "formal" Product Management capacity
  • Operating as the senior-most business leader with responsibility across all functions and P&L
  • A champion of product ideation and innovation, working as a product thought leader with some of Canada's most recognizable digital brands and digital experiences
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree 

The Certified Challenger - $200K Base + Bonus + LTIP 

  • 23 years of employment experience, with the last 12 as a Product Management leader
  • Leads world class product teams responsible for delivering experiences considered a standard in the industry 
  • Managed 4 direct reports and led a larger team of 50 across cross functional groups
  • Arts + Design Degree as well as multiple product related certifications including Pragmatic Marketing

The Hire

  • 10 years of employment experience, with the last 7 in Product Management and leadership
  • Developed and led technology-based product experiences used and loved by millions of Canadians
  • Owned the end-to-end product lifecycle: strategy, definition, design, delivery, launch
  • Team management of 3-5 direct reports and a broader team of 20 cross functional team members
  • Experienced both leading inhouse teams as well as working closely with partners (both third-party product providers and agencies)
  • Engineering Degree + MBA + multiple product related certifications including Foundations of Design Thinking by IDEO

To attract and land this candidate, our client offered a $200k base + 20% bonus and a $12,500 CAD signing bonus. 

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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For organizations and job seekers alike, it can be challenging to understand what a particular position should pay. Often, it’s a calculation between salary surveys that lack all context, what a person has earned in the past, and ad hoc conversations with others in the field.

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