The Three Reasons to Engage Us - Product Edition

The more senior and experienced a Founder/CEO is, the more they realize that teams are not solely built by leveraging a personal network, offering referral bonuses to staff, or posting a job on a website. Often, companies are built through the work done by search firms.

Martyn Bassett Associates provides engaged search services to startups and scale-ups who need strategic hires across Product Management, Design, Marketing, or Sales.

These are the three reasons why you should engage us for your next product hire:

1. Practice Power

This is the number one reason your industry peers engage us. Our Product Practice is modeled after the tech companies who engage us - small agile squads of Recruiters, Researchers, Ops, and Client Managers who work smart and fast to help you get a hire. 

Our team understands the nuances between the various product personas in the market and the difference between good vs. great candidates.

2. Location Agnostic 

Many of our peers boast about their market knowledge in a defined geography (Boston, Bay Area, or Austin). By contrast, our firm operates with a global footprint, regularly completing product searches across North America and Western Europe. In 2022, we were behind some of the industry's key searches in the UK, Germany, and India.

Whether your next hire needs to come from a specific city due to a recently instituted "in office" policy or someone in the city to cater to the needs of your largest client, we have the experience and process to deliver on that. 

3. Experience 

Did you know Martyn Bassett Associates was founded 22 years ago and has recruited for thousands of startups and scale-ups and tens of thousands of candidates?

Our team has been behind some of the strategic hires for companies like Shopify, Blackberry, RBC Ventures, LEDN, Extreme Networks, and GE Health to name a few. This wealth of experience helps our clients anticipate and navigate the challenges of making strategic hires.

If you’re struggling to land that product hire or looking for more information on the current product hiring market, book a call with us today!