The Top Reasons a VP Demand Generation will Accept Your Job Offer

Money, money, money - in this great resignation, everyone seems to simply focus on the money. While we know compensation is a massive piece of the hiring puzzle, it’s not everything. It takes more than a high base salary and generous performance bonus to attract top marketing talent.

Continuing in our hiring series, we are diving into all the other reasons a demand generation leader considers a position. 

Here are the top reasons - besides compensation - a VP Demand Gen would want to join an organization:


The autonomy to build something from the ground up without the burden of legacy systems is hard to resist. As a result, senior leaders often look for net-new positions with the opportunity to define and build the function, including making decisions about the marketing tech stack. 


A demand gen function without an adequate budget is like a car without gas. There needs to be a marketing budget that supports the investment necessary to achieve the business goals.

Company Mission 

The goals and values of the company align with the candidate, and it’s something they can get excited about developing and growing. 


The office location or hybrid/remote model meets the candidate's needs and lifestyle.


There is the potential to either learn something new or take on bigger challenges. Candidates need to know if they are successful in the role, what it will mean for their career long-term. 


Showcase the opportunity to build a team and define the key areas necessary to drive growth without (CMO or Founder) micro-management. 

Marketing/Sales Alignment

Demand Generation and Sales are tightly aligned. If there is a solid relationship and shared pipeline goals, highlight it. If not, speak to the ways sales is open to building a relationship and interdepartmental trust with marketing. 

Team Credentials 

People want to work with great people, so don’t forget to sell the team! Always highlight the history of the founding team and/or their rockstar investors. (i.e., multi-exit Founders, big-name investors, etc.) 

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