As an executive search firm, we specialize in assisting venture-backed and PE-owned software startups (and scale-ups) build and scale into successful enterprise software organizations.

Our recruitment practices - Product, Sales and Marketing - are specifically geared towards building relationships and deep market insights within that community.

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Martyn Bassett Associates’ persistence, sharpness, and deep connections to the product community made them the logical search partner for this role.

In the past year, this new hire has not only nearly doubled our team size, but also significantly enhanced our processes and structure as we grew larger.

Martyn Bassett Associates’ determination and intelligence made them our recruitment firm of choice when looking for executive leadership roles in product and engineering.

Yang Han
Cofounder & CTO


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Venture Capitalists care about Market, Team, Business Model, Product, Traction, and Exit Potential
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We deliver through the 5 fundamentals of successful hiring:

  1. Growth: finding individuals with a track record of scaling companies and driving growth
  2. Experience: sourcing individuals with deep industry experience and a track record of success within the specified niche as well as those with startup or high-growth environment experience
  3. Culture: conducting interviews to assess a candidate’s potential fit with the existing team and culture of the company
  4. Diversity: understanding the importance of DEI hiring, and promoting a culture of hiring inclusivity wherever possible
  5. Insight: providing guidance on market rates and how to structure compensation packages to win over talent

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of our clients are Seed or Series A

Why Martyn Bassett Associates?

  1. Industry Expertise: we specialize in hiring for early to mid-stage tech startups and have a deep understanding of the market, the trends, and the key players.
  2. Network: we spend a tremendous amount of time cultivating relationships within each of our practice areas and are dialed into that community. We can identify and attract top talent who are often not actively seeking new opportunities.
  3. Accuracy: we focus on alignment to the candidate personas needed for the company’s growth outcome through comprehensive candidate evaluation and facilitation reference checks, as needed.
  4. Speed: we streamline an often lengthy process by applying a quality over quantity approach - saving time by managing the entire recruitment process, from identifying candidates to negotiating offers.
  5. Confidentiality: we maintain confidentiality throughout the hiring process, ensuring that the company's plans and information are protected.


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We are very happy with the process and results of Martyn Bassett Associates. This hire continues to be one of our strongest leaders, leading his team to 200% in their first year.

Dan Bloch
VP of Global Cloud Solution Sales

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