The Three Reasons to Engage Us - Marketing Edition

The more senior and experienced a Founder/CEO is, the more they realize that teams are not solely built by leveraging a personal network, offering referral bonuses to staff, or posting a job on a website. Often, companies are built through the work done by search firms.

Martyn Bassett Associates provides engaged search services to startups and scale-ups who need strategic hires across Product Management, Design, Marketing, and Sales.

These are the three reasons why you should engage us for your next marketing hire:

1. Practice Power

This is the number one reason tech startups and scale-ups engage us. Our marketing search practice provides recruiting services to the complete marketing org chart: product marketing, demand generation, social media, and growth marketing (to name a few of the most common searches we deliver).

As software products expand to include PLG motions, the role of marketing has also expanded, becoming a more significant part of the revenue growth engine. 

Our marketing practice reflects this evolving market, understands marketing persona nuances, and can deliver the top marketing talent our clients have come to expect.

2. We’re Experts

There probably isn't a business problem we haven't encountered or a hiring scenario we haven't experienced:

Nestwealth case study

Our Marketing practice will partner with you to anticipate and navigate the trepidations, roadblocks, or opportunities in the market to help you make the most impactful marketing hire for the business. 

3. Experience 

Did you know Martyn Bassett Associates was founded 22 years ago and has recruited for thousands of startups and tens of thousands of candidates?

Our team has been behind some of the strategic hires for companies like Shopify, Blackberry, RBC Ventures, LEDN, Extreme Networks, and GE Health (to name a few). This experience helps our clients anticipate and navigate the challenges of making strategic hires. 

A marketing hire, especially if that hire is a VP or CMO level hire, will quickly become the catalyst to your company's growth and success at scale. 

If you’re struggling to land that Marketing Leader or looking for more information on the current hiring market, book a call with us today