Is Your Talent Acquisition Team at Max Bandwidth?

There is no doubt that talent acquisition teams have been stretched to new limits to meet the hiring demand across the tech industry:

  • Capacity challenges due to the number of open reqs 
  • Longer time to fill
  • Overblown budget spend on expensive online job slots 
  • Record levels of online applicants to sift through 
  • Frustration about the quality of online applicants
  • Perceptions about outlandish or unreasonable salary asks
  • Unexpected counter offers and competing offers
  • Layoffs and cuts within the People & Culture department
  • And don't even get them started on trying to hire Software Engineers!

With all of this going on, the last thing they need is a Slack message informing them that one more person quit and the stakeholder needs a replacement immediately. In these market conditions, the challenge for many Talent Acquisition teams is that the activities required to get the job done demand tremendous output. 

Your current Head of Talent is also most likely on the receiving end of salespeople making promises of a new ATS or hiring platform that leverages AI to take sourcing, selecting, and workflows to a new, fully automated level. 

While that sounds enticing, the reality of Recruitment, Talent, and Human Resources is all about people. People look for people. People qualify people’s experiences. People determine cultural fit. All of this interaction requires a lot of activity and time - even with software in place to help streamline.

While internal Talent Acquisition teams are a critical part of any tech company's plan to scale, all companies experience bandwidth capacity challenges or have strategic/specialized hires which require a different approach to getting the job done. 

These are scenarios where hiring needs to be outsourced beyond the TA team. These are the scenarios our firm is engaged in as a recruiting partner. Our firm is set up in practice areas: Sales, Marketing, and Product Management. This model of recruitment service ensures:

  • Your company is matched with an experienced Recruiter already familiar with the persona of the candidate you need to hire 
  • Our Recruiters are in the market as thought leaders focused on staying top of mind with talent 
  • Passive candidates are more likely to take a call from one of our specialist Recruiters because they know the time will be well spent and curated to the type of opportunity they are most likely to consider
  • We know what good vs. great looks like and only share candidates we have qualified as meeting your MVP (Minimum Viable Person)
  • We have the greatest real-time in-market salary insights to help you make decisions about your compensation plans to ensure (a) you can adjust to attract the experiences your business needs OR (b) to ensure we don't waste time pursuing candidates who will not align with your budget. 
  • We are outcome driven. Our goal is to execute your search efficiently and quickly to get you to a hiring decision. That might come from reviewing two candidates or 10. Less is more if they are the right candidate persona for you to choose from.

We don’t compete against TA teams; we work with them. Our goal is to become a partner and other support systems to help HR manage and better resource time-intensive activities like finding Product Leaders with niche specializations and backgrounds. 

Is your TA team struggling to keep up with demand? Contact us today to see how our team can help fill mission-critical roles quickly and efficiently.