The Three Reasons to Engage Us - Design Edition

The more senior and experienced a Founder/CEO is, the more they realize that teams are not solely built by leveraging a personal network, offering referral bonuses to staff, or posting a job on a website. Often, companies are built through the work done by search firms.

Martyn Bassett Associates provides engaged search services to startups and scale-ups who need strategic hires across Product Management, Design, Marketing, and Sales.

These are the three reasons why you should engage us for your next design hire:

1. Practice Power 

This is the number one reason your peers in the industry engage us. What began as a practice focused on product management recruiting was expanded in 2021 to include design.

Our Design Practice is now led by Tyler Pelley, a career Recruiter whose work has included working for creative studios and digital agencies. Tyler and the team work in a model similar to our clients: small, agile squads that work fast to identify, engage, and qualify the talent our clients trust us to find.

Designer searches are not easy, but having practice power gives us a competitive edge over our peers in the industry. 

2. Communication 

Most companies will agree that recruiting top product design talent is one of the most challenging types of searches. This is because designers think and communicate in a way that is different from most other candidate personas, and many employers don't adjust to those nuances.

We have deep market knowledge in the world of product design recruitment. Our talented Design Practice aligns with this candidate persona, ensuring your message is translated to them in an impactful way that yields interest and engagement – to provide you with a vast array of candidates to hire from.

3. Experience 

Did you know that Martyn Bassett Associates has been in business for 22 years, successfully recruiting for numerous startups and scaleups, and connecting with tens of thousands of candidates?

Did you also know our team has been behind some of the strategic hires for companies like Shopify, Blackberry, RBC Ventures, LEDN, Extreme Networks, and GE Health, to name a few? This experience helps our clients better anticipate and navigate the challenges of making strategic hires.

Engaging a search firm like Martyn Bassett Associates can give your company a significant advantage in the competitive world of hiring. Our practice power, communication skills, and experience will help you find the right design talent for your team. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you make strategic hires to drive your business forward.