The Three Reasons to Engage Us - Sales Edition

The more senior and experienced a Founder/CEO is, the more they realize that teams are not solely built by leveraging a personal network, offering referral bonuses to staff, or posting a job on a website. Often, companies are built through the work done by search firms.

Martyn Bassett Associates provides engaged search services to startups and scale-ups who need strategic hires across Product Management, Design, Marketing, or Sales.

These are the three reasons why you should engage us for your next sales hire:

1. Practice Power 

Our sales practice is the number one reason your peers in the industry engage us. Martyn Bassett began the business over 22 years ago, focused on building enterprise software sales teams.

While the business has expanded to include multiple growth-focused practice areas, our Sales Practice continues to be the anchor practice for tech companies that are scaling their sales teams or strategically revamping them to thrive in the challenging economic landscape.

Our dedicated sales practice means we understand how to identify, engage and qualify salespeople, cutting through the BS to get to the numbers, stats, and deal details that matter. This ability is the reason why startup Dr. Bill (an RBC Venture) chose to engage us for their first sales leadership hire.

2. Early Stage Experts 

If we had a penny for every time a startup Founder or CEO admits they hired the wrong VP of Sales! Most of the time, this is caused by the same reason - they were dazzled by their ability to attract a big company titan and focused on the brand name rather than the skill and experience fit. It’s a trap we’ve seen play out time and time again.

Eighty percent of our clients are Series A-funded startups whose recruiting needs are unique to most other tech companies. Understanding the persona of a VP Sales who is likely to be successful in an early-stage startup and guiding a Founder through the decision-making process is the experience you are buying when you engage Martyn Bassett Associates.

3) Persona Power

Looking to build a GTM team that can take you from $2M to $10M? This is the most common reason Founders engage us to build sales teams.

Do you need a VP Sales with a network of partners to scale GTM through additional global channels or one with a Rolodex of C-suite decision-makers who will invite them into their boardrooms?

Do you need a Senior Account Exec with vertical subject matter expertise in a particular industry like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, or CPG, deep tech knowledge of a product sold to technical buyers? Or one with experience doing large transaction volumes to SMBs or mid-market companies?

Whatever persona you need for your business - we've been there and done that and can do it for you. With a 22-year track record helping startups find and build out their sales teams, we’ve seen it all and can help your organization find the best persona for your stage of growth and future growth goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our sales recruitment process.